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We are Cebollas Masegosa Masegosa

Grupo Masegosa is a company founded in 1980 which began its activity specializing in the marketing of fruit and vegetables at a national level.

Today, it focuses its activity on the production, handling and marketing of all types of top quality onions 365 days a year throughout the world.


25.000 m2 facilities

For the classification, handling and packaging of all our formats. 1.000 m2 of cold storage.

Specialised machinery

for all types of formats, allowing the delivery of the finished product to companies such as Supermarkets, Distributors, HORECA Channel (it is the acronym formed by linking the words HOtel, REstaurant and Catering) and fresh-cut products.

We are committed to quality

We have established a quality system both in our warehouses and in our plantations, through the GLOBAL-GAP, IFS FOOD, SEDEX.protocol.

Specialised in exports

In Europe, Africa, Arab Emirates, Nordic countries, Eastern countries and America. We are widely capable of making long sea transits.