Company Cebollas Masegosa is a private company founded in 1980, which began working with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, in 2016, it broadened its horizons and opened its Export and Import Department to promote distribution lines for products grown in the Castilla La Mancha area.

In the heart of Bolaños de Calatrava

A city famous for the cultivation of higher-calibre onions, which are more suitable for HORECA consumption.

Our corporation’s main objective is good service and excellent product quality so that it reaches our customers in the best conditions. Due to the change in legislation in the food sector and consumer demand, we believe that food safety and all its development are fundamental criteria for the continued growth of our company.


25.000 m2 facilities

For the classification, manipulation and packaging of all our formats distributed in both warehouses, we also have collaboration agreements with elite companies located in Andalusia, which allows us to distribute to our customers throughout the year. 1.000 m2 of cold storage rooms.

Specialised machinery

In making all types of formats, allowing the delivery of the finished product to companies such as Supermarkets, Distributors, HORECA Channel, and fresh-cut products.

We are committed to quality

That is why we have established a quality system both in our warehouses and in our plantations, through the GLOBAL-GAP, IFS FOOD, SEDEX.protocol.

Specialised in exports

In Europe, Africa, Arab Emirates, Nordic countries, Eastern countries and America. We are widely capable of making long sea transits.

We work with the best freight forwarders on the market

This allows us to reach any type of client, whether by land, air or sea.

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