It is a work done by hand by our professionals, who prepare the onions one by one, removing the skin, the root and the stem. Once processed, the onions are immediately sent to factories that produce fresh-cut products and pre-cooked convenience food. It is widely used in the hotel and catering industry (HORECA channel) and for pre-cooked or deep-frozen food.



From the field to the packaging

In the field

We have our production both in Andalusia and in Castilla La Mancha, the best production areas in Spain, choosing our best variety of seeds, carrying out phytosanitary control, monitoring the cultivation process and harvesting the production with our most specialised machines, collecting the product in different formats, such as boxes or big bags of up to 1,200 kg.



The product is transported in temperature-controlled trucks for optimum conservation during the route to our facilities.


Our facilities

We have four warehouses, which together account for some 50,000 m2, for the measuring, handling and packaging of our products. Once the transport arrives with the onions from the field, they are unloaded in our warehouses where the process of measuring and selecting the best pieces takes place, and are then stored in wooden crates to have adequate stock. Then it goes to our cold stores where a pre-cooling of 6º is made for its later handling.


Handling process

We have two types of handling:

HAND PEELING: we peel by hand. Using large conveyor belts, the peeling process is perfect; we normally use this process for small sizes and sizes over 100 mm.

MACHINE PEELING: We have the latest machinery. Normally we use calibres of 90mm to 100 mm; the product is perfectly cut and clean, and then it is available in plastic boxes with a conservation lid, and Big Bag of 1 TN. Once the product has been handled, it is then taken to our cold stores at a temperature of 6º, until it is shipped.


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