Cebollas Masegosa is backed by the Global G.A.P Certification, which certifies its transparency and good agricultural practices from the origin of its onions to the handling and national and international marketing of the product.

Global G.A.P is the overall framework on which we base our decision making and strategic alignment.

We certify the strict implementation of these standards, thus committing ourselves to guarantee the best service and product to all our customers around the world.

Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes and the adoption of the latest advances in agriculture allows us to meet all the quality requirements of our customers in the international arena.

At Cebollas Masegosa we have rigorous environmental, social and food safety standards that ensure the quality of the products from their origin in the crop to their arrival at the end client.


Cebollas Masegosa has obtained the SEDEX certification, which guarantees our business ethics with clients at a global level; it is developed in a community network to promote responsible and sustainable business practices. In this way, we manage to supply our customers while always complying with the standards of the food chains.

This certification allows us to work with partner companies that exchange data, manage a commercial risk and generate a positive impact among the people who make up and understand the specific needs of local markets.

We are currently carrying out this audit in our facilities, which allows us to ensure compliance with the following aspects in our company:

  • Management responsibility.
  • Quality and food safety management system.
  • Management of resources.
  • Planning and production processes.
  • Measurement, analysis and improvements.
  • External inspections.

Compliance with the following standards allows access to quality and food safety certification for food manufacturing and packaging companies developed and endorsed by German, French and Italian distributor associations.

It is one of the main standards for the evolution of distribution brands suppliers (or house brands) and is currently the most widespread in Spain.

Quality certificates from origin to point of sale

At Cebollas Masegosa we have a group of quality professionals specialised in the agricultural sector who are in charge of our inspections at an international level, thus managing to transfer our knowledge and experience in the study of processes, handling, packaging, transport and delivery control of our goods to clients all over the world.

We know how complex it can be to import products all over the world, but based on our training and high experience in the agricultural and export sector, we can offer our customers the possibility of carrying out at origin the certification of the viability and adequacy of transit of the selected and contracted product from the circulation of the goods to their delivery point in the best quality conditions.

Cebollas Masegosa uses advanced data collection solutions that provide essential monitoring for goods in storage and transit.
Our extensive experience in international maritime transport of goods allows us to offer quality services to our customers.

Cebollas Masegosa has specialised in the maritime transport, reaching destinations of more than 45 days’ journey, providing technological support and information in real-time about the journey from the origin of the products, which is a guarantee and peace of mind for our customers, because they can know where each container is at all times.

Online platform for tracking container goods – We work with the best freight forwarders in the market, so we can get very competitive prices, reach anywhere in the world, and offer food and traffic safety to all our buyers. We offer both maritime and road transport quotations, providing consumers with total control of the location of their cargo, as well as control of the temperature of the product through a report that can be downloaded upon arrival of the goods.